Magical Istanbul

Scenes from around the city. Grand Bazaar Spices BazaarTrolley in Taksim SquareAlley around Galata TowerFruit/juice StandFruit/Juice Stand “Work Less, Read More” bookstore in a small alley around the Galata Tower..And little local girl Beautiful Turkish Flag


1001 Dreams in Istanbul – Harem

There is magic everywhere you look in Istanbul, and that magic solidifies in the numerous rooms of the Harem. I wish I had spent more time there, half day was not nearly enough, but here are some of the magic captured thru my lens.   Long dresses are a must in Istanbul. It allows you to […]


Yosemite – Trip 1

Finally got the chance to go to Yosemite Park for the very first time. Spring/Summer, although super busy, is the time to go. Waterfalls are still visible, river water is cold but swimmable and animals are out. * For a beginner/first timer Curry Camp was perfect. Nothing compares to waking up and looking up the […]

Rocky Point Hwy 1

California Road Trip – Highway 1 and Hearst Castle

Images of my road trip thru Hwy 1 down to Hearst Castle.   View from Rocky Point Restaurant Hwy 1 and Bixby Bridge Hearst Castle Neptune Pool  –  Spartacus has scenes filmed here Entrance of “Casa Grande” Roman Pool – Yes the reflection is from gold fused titles Garden


Rediscovering Carmen Miranda

This post is about how I rediscover Carmen Miranda and how that helped me improve my dance. Hopefully this will also help you improve your performance. She was not a Belly dancer, but inspiration scan also come from a variety of sources, not only Belly dance.


Happy Feet – Belly Dance Shoes

We love to dance, and we LOVE Belly Dance for the freedom it provides us. One of the beauties of this freedom is the ability to dance bare feet.  It’s an amazing feeling; to feel the earth beneath your feet and every little movement your body does. Balance, precision, strength: all are achieved so much […]

All that Glitters…Stage makeup tips.

As any Belly Dancer knows, makeup is an essential part of our performances. Stage makeup should be bold, bright, and should be visible under stage lights. The perfect amount of glitter and shine can add “glamour” to your look. Here are some of my favorite items:


Love and Lace: 7 Romance inspired Holiday dresses

When I was a little girl, my favorite day of the week was Saturday. It was that special day of the week when my mom allowed me to choose and put on a nice outfit. Weekdays were school days and that meant the boring school uniform. My mom was a hair stylist, so Saturdays were […]

Lovely things…

Source: via Jeannett on Pinterest   Just a sweet message to start your day…or night. Just because everybody needs a little inspiration everyday. [socialring]