Professional Quality Makeup for under $10 – NYX

This Los Angeles based makeup brand has become one of my all time favorites. With high-pigmented makeup, professional quality and extremely affordable prices, I had to write a Blog post dedicated to the best finds from this brand. NYX claims to be Cruelty Free, and some items are Parabens and Talc Free but not all. Unfortunately their ingredients are not all natural. This is a problem with most professional makeup brands, including, unfortunately Mac, Nars among others. I used to think that price meant quality, until I started to really pay attention to the ingredients label. So now, if I need Stage makeup that last, and if the ingredients are the same as expensive brands, I will stick to the most affordable ones and save my money!
ALSO I only use stage makeup for my performances and try to use more natural alternatives on a daily basis.
Other than online, you can find NYX at Ulta stores, as well as some drugstores and groceries.

Here are a few of my favorite NYX items worth trying:

1. Slim Lip Pencil: Important trick to make lips fuller and for lipstick to last longer is to fill the lip area with the same color lip pencil and then apply your lipstick. Infallible! These are only $3.50
2. Black Label Lipstick: This lipstick in NUDE is the perfect balance for those heavy smokey or colorful eyes. $7.50
3. Matte Lipstick: Great Matte finish and very hydrating. Audrey is my favorite color and the item of the week. $6.00
4. Eye & Lip Makeup Remover: Much better than any drugstore or brand makeup remover I’ve ever tried. Using a wet cotton ball before applying will make the product last much longer and it will be more gently on the eyes. $8.00
5. HD Studio Photogenic Foundation: Great foundation, comparable to MAC Studio Fix but for half of the price. Make sure to use a great primer and a lose power to look more natural. My color is Natural Beige and it’s a perfect match. $9.99 at Ulta :-)
6. Powder Blush: My Favorite Blush!! Super silky and it last for hours…My favorite color is Dusty Rose. Shown on the picture are Peach and Mocha. $6.00
7. Stay Matter but Not Flat Powder Foundation: Silky, sweat resistant amazing powder. I use Soft Beige and it’s also a perfect match. $9.50

And for the eyes:

1. Slim Eye Pencil: A wide range of colors and the $3.50 make these eye pencils a mus have! $3.50
2. Concealer Jar: Only available online might make color matching difficult, but this is perhaps, the BEST concealer in the market! $5.50
3. Glitter Powder: My tip for glitter makeup is to use Matte eyeshadow and only apply glitter in the end. $3.00
4. Eye Shadow Trio: Creamy, High pigmented shadows that blend well. Use it with Eye Shadow Base!!! $7.00
5. Eyebrow Pushup Bra: It actually does what the name says :-) The color is a bit dark for me, but the highlighter is everything!! Make sure to contour your entire brow with it and wipe off the excess! $10.00
6. Eyeshadow Base: I don’t even bother with $18 eye primers anymore! These are amazing and have a strong impact on eyeshadow colors. I love the Nude Color. $7.00
On the picture below I used the NYX Eye Shadow Base in Nude under the Purple NYX shadow, and on the left I just applied the eyeshadow on bare skin. It’s amazing what the base does to the intensive of the shadow.
Left: Eyeshadow Base under Purple shadow
Right: Same Purple shadow on bare skin.
And Please, remember: NEVER forget to wash your face before going to bed :-)