Yosemite – Trip 1

Finally got the chance to go to Yosemite Park for the very first time.

Spring/Summer, although super busy, is the time to go. Waterfalls are still visible, river water is cold but swimmable and animals are out.

* For a beginner/first timer Curry Camp was perfect. Nothing compares to waking up and looking up the valley and there is plenty of food option and drinks after a full day of exploring.

** I also took the Valley Floor Tour which was surprisingly entertaining and I got to see a BEAR for the very fist time.




YosemiteGroveland, home of the oldest Saloon in California.
An old mining town with so much character, on the way to Yosemite on 120 Highway.

YosemiteTunnel View – El Capitan on the Left and Half Dome in the Center.


Yosemite This view and also great food and drinks at the Ahwahnee Bar (by Ahwahnee Hotel).
The Capitini is delicious!!




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